Advertisement No. Name of the Post Selected Candidates Assessment Sheet Question Paper
E-II/01/2020(DR) Senior Laboratory Assistant for SeNSE View/Download
E-II/37/2021(DR) Library Information Assistant View/Download
Question Paper E-II/18/2018(DR) Question Paper (Assistant Registrar) View/Download
Question Paper E-II/05/2017(E) Question Paper (Deputy Registrar) View/Download
Question Paper E-II/06/2019(DR) Question Paper [Junior Assistant (Accounts)] View/Download
E-II/03/2020(DR) Deputy Registrar View/Download View/Download
E-II/01/2020(DR) Junior Assistant (Accounts) View/Download
E-II/06/2019(DR) Junior Superintendent View/Download View/Download
E-II/24/2018(DR) Senior Laboratory Assistant for Computer Science & Engineering View/Download
E-II/03/2020(DR) and E-II/24/2021(DR) Assistant Registrar View/Download View/Download