Nid Advertisement No. Name of the Post Selected Candidates Assessment Sheet Question Paper
267 E-II/06/2017(E) Assistant Security Officer View/Download
266 E-II/24/2018(DR) Sr. Lab. Assistant (Centre for Enegry Studies) View/Download
265 E-II/18/2018(DR) Junior Laboratory Assistant (DMS) View/Download
264 E-II/24/2018(DR) Sr. Lab. Assistant (Computer Services Centre) View/Download
262 E-II/24/2018(DR) Sr. Lab. Assistant (Physics) View/Download
261 E-II/08/2019(E) Junior Engineer View/Download
260 E-II/08/2019(E) Architect View/Download
259 E-II/12/2017(E) Junior Technical Superintendent (JTS) View/Download View/Download
251 E-II/12/2017(E) Senior Laboratory Assistant / Senior Mechanics View/Download View/Download
250 E-II/08/2019(E) Executive Engineer (Civil) View/Download