suo-moto disclosure

Sr.No. Information related to Link Link Link
1 Procurement made by Public Authorities (Tender/Notice, Corrigendum) Active Tenders Archives
2 Public Services Partnership (PPP); if public services to be provided through a PPP – Information related to collaboration/ association/ MoU with the other Institutes, Agencies, and Organizations etc. Dean, Research & Development Dean, Alumni
3 Transfer Policy (for different grades/ cadres of employees serving in Public Authority) Staff & officials are liable to be posted on any departments of the Institute
4 RTI Applications & Appeals RTI Request Form RTI replies RTI Appeals
5 CAG & PAC paras Certification Audit Report 2022-23 Transaction Audit Report 2021-22
6 Citizen Charter Citizen Charter (pdf)
7 Discretionary/ Non-Discretionary grants/ allocation to state Governments/ NGO’s/ other Institutions by Ministry/Department –Plan/ Non-Plan & other grants received by the Institutes.
8 Details of tour by PM/ Ministers and officials of the rank of Joint Secretary & above. Tour details
9 Digital publication of proactive disclosure under section 4. IITD Publications
10 Functions and responsibilities of a Public Authority Act & Statutes Administrative Manual Work Manual
11 Allocation of business rules (AOB) N.A.
12 Government Orders (for discharge of functions). DoPT MHRD
13 Budgets, Financial Information and Achievements of every department; (i) Budget Estimate/ Revised Estimate of the Institute. (ii) Annual Accounts of the Institute.(iii) Annual Report of the Institute. Annual Budget Annual Account Annual Report
14 Data about records that have been digitised. Data digitised under RTI
15 Number of employees whom Disciplinary action has been proposed/taken Number of employees
16 Programmes to advance understanding of RTI Training Programmes
17 Details of all contracts entered into including name of the contractor, amount of contract and period of completion of contract Details of all contracts
18 System of compensation Details
19 Custodian of Records- Registrar Act